During this tough time for all family members, the last thing you want to think about is how to handle the legalities of the deceased’s property. 

At AW Real Estates, we have experienced Certified Probate and Trust Specialists in all of California!

Doing a probate is a long and confusing process, if you don’t have the right team, you will lose out on thousands of dollars paid out of your pocket:  estate taxes, property taxes, capitol gains, and most importantly the property.

We will lead you in the right direction and our Certified Realtor Probate Specialist will work with Attorneys, family members, and other employees to service and provide guidance on deceased and/or probate accounts.

Here is a example of the team members that will work for you during the probate process.  “My team is your family now”

  1. The best Probate and Trust Attorney in Southern California
  2. A Certified Public Accountant
  3. A Financial Planner
  4. A Licensed General Contractor
  5. A Licensed House Appraiser
  6. A Buyer in a few days 

Please contact us, so you can be informed and we can help you with our team of experienced Probate Specialists ready to serve you!